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ZISHUO (ZS) LASER Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated optical enterprise specializing in the R&D as well as production of lasers. The main products include CO2 laser tube, focus lens and accessories for laser application. By the steady high quality and low cost our products were widely used on the non-metal materials’ cutting, engraving and marking.

Head quarter of the company lies in Gaoyi technical zone in Hebei Provience. We have a 8,000m2 plant R&D and production. With a skilled expert and engineer team we also built a long term cooperation with the Hebei Institute Of Laser(HIL) , who are professional in optics, mechanics, structure design, and software etc. ZS laser possesses lots of patents in China and abroad, which focuses on the long-term development in lasers. 

The main products of our laser tube range between 40W~180W, with a better spot mode, longer chemical life, smaller size, higher output power and stable. We also can design and produce the customized laser tube according to different clients’ request on certain technical data.

Z40,Z60,Z80,Z100,Z130, This kind of laser tube is stable laser tube, quality is very stable , minimum using life is 200days.

(warranty 200days)

S80,S100,S130,S150, This kind of laser tube is enhanced, minimum using life is 300days ,the raw of Co2 laser tube body and cavities mirror is imported, meanwhile has authentic USA gas. so definitely improve power and using life .

The appearance is same with EFR ‘s F series laser tube. (warranty 300days)

ZS80, ZS100, ZS130, ZS150,Co2 laser tube is using life which is more better than Z and S series. The minimum using life of ZS series is 1 year. The appearance looks more beautiful. (warranty 360days)

The focus lens and reflecting mirror we produced contains the basic material like Si,Mo,ZnSe and Ge etc. Especially our Si-reflecting mirror/scan lens obtained a very good reputation around the world.

ZS laser is R&D oriented and masters the key technologies of laser. We are a comprehensive laser sources manufacture company with the largest scale in China. Based on the full understanding on the CO2 laser market and user, we could make a full chain supply with laser machine and accessaries, as well as the best laser industry solutions.

ZiShuo (ZS)  laser is your reliable partner for long term mutual beneficial cooperation. “Make the best China laser tube” is our objective of struggle!

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