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Laser Marking Machine

Brand : ZS LASER

Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : In 30 days

Supply capacity : 1000 pieces in one year

YAG-50w laser marking machine

ZS-YAG-50W laser marker 
YAG laser machine is a solid laser machine with infrared light whose wavelength of frequency band is 1.064. It uses krypton lamp as energy source (driving source).As a medium for producing laser, YAG can send out special wavelength to let effective substance level of energy jump higher so that it can let off laser. After the energy of laser is strengthened, it will form a laser beam to process the material. The path of the laser beam will be changed through the resonance mirror controlled by computer so as to accomplish automatic marking 
Performance indices: 
With high speed scanning resonance mirror to get high precision and high speed Thesoftware controlling system has the interface of Windows and comprises files output by software such as CorelDraw, AutoCAD, and Photoshop It can support graphic file formats such as PLT, PCX, DXF, and BMP; and use fonts such as SHX and TTF directly It also can mark automatic code, sequence number, batch number, date, bar code and two-dimensional code. The software can mark the figures on the opposite side You can use the computer to design figures and characters randomly, so it's very flexible and convenient. It won't waste printing materials so the processing cost is low Laser marking is non-toxic, wear and without deformation or pollution You can choose revolving worktable which is suitable for marking round products 
Product application: 
It can be used in the industries of metal, alloy and oxide, ABS, epoxy resin, printing and ink. It's widely used in the industries such as electron component, electric appliance, jewel, glasses, hardware, car component, communicationproducts, plastic keystroke and IC 
Technology parameters: 
Parameter GH-YAG-50W 
Max. laser power (W): 50 
Laser wave-length (um): 1.064 
Laser repetition frequency (kHz): <50 
Standard marking area (mm): 100 x 100 or 50 x 50, 150 x 150, 200 x 200 
Marking depth (mm): <0.3 
Linear speed (mm/s): <7,000 
Min. line width (mm): 0.015 
Min. character size (mm): 0.3 
Repetition accuracy (mm): 0.003 
Power consumed (kW): <5 
Electrical source: 220 15% V AC, 50Hz, 30A   
The outline size of the system (L x W x H) standards by the real size: 
Optical system: 1,200 x 430 x 1,200 
Cooling system: 380 x 630 x 740 
Control system: 560 x 660 x 1,000 
Software: Windows XP + AHLASER marker system   
A set of machine is composed of the path of rays, cold water tank, control chest, monitor, worktable and outside-set air conditioner. You can choose revolving worktable and automatic matching system 
Cold water tank, monitor, revolving worktable and automatic matching system

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