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How to choose a high quality carbon dioxide laser tube?

How to choose a high quality carbon dioxide laser tube?

Carbon dioxide laser tube is a gas laser with CO gas as the working material. Its structure is composed mainly of three parts: hard glass, resonant cavity and electrode. Laser tube is the heart of laser processing equipment (laser cutting machine, marking machine, knife mould machine, cutting machine, etc.), and its function can not be underestimated. At present, the carbon dioxide laser tube of various brands is flooded with the market, and the fish and dragon are mixed and dazzling. What are the factors that we must consider carefully when choosing and buying? How do we decide which brand is better? How do we choose CO2 laser tube?

ZiShuo laser technology Co., Ltd

1, product quality of laser tube

The same carbon dioxide laser tube, due to the procurement of spare parts, processing technology, design parameters, the quality of products is also uneven. The quality of laser tube mainly depends on laser power, spot quality, stability and service life. According to the different processing materials, the users choose different laser tubes with different power. The laser tubes with different performances are different in laser tube power. The quality of the spot is determined by many links in the production process. The power varies and the size of the spot varies. The quality of the spot affects the user's performance directly. The stability of the laser tube is not good, and it is prone to leak and non external causes. Because laser tubes are consumables for processing equipment, their service life is the first choice for users.

2. After-sales service of laser tube manufacturers

The laser tube of laser processing equipment is consumable. It has a certain service life and needs to be replaced in due course. In the warranty period of laser processing equipment, if the laser tube has a quality problem or needs to be replaced, if the equipment manufacturer has a certain strength, it can contact the supporting laser tube manufacturer to provide the corresponding service. But after the laser processing equipment has passed the quality guarantee, the user will face the problem of choosing the laser tube by itself. This requires the user to seek the powerful laser tube production enterprises with the after-sales service guarantee, to ensure that the consumables can be provided in time and the normal production can be guaranteed. Some users buy from small factories in order to be cheap and buy from a few small factories. If the laser tube has problems or needs to be replaced, it is found that these manufacturers are either connected or completely disappearing, wasting the valuable time of the users and causing some trouble to the users. Therefore, when choosing laser tubes, we must cooperate with the production enterprises that have perfect after-sales service and have certain strength.

3, after the laser tube is purchased, the laser tube should be properly maintained to ensure its service life. First, the operation environment of the laser processing equipment is better, the power supply voltage should be kept stable, if the voltage fluctuates too much, the stable voltage power supply is configured. Secondly, the arrangement of the laser processing equipment should be stable, and it can not work in a large vibration and damp environment (damp and high pressure fire). Again, the laser current can not be too large. To reduce the light intensity as much as possible to meet the requirements and speed of processing, the laser tube must be guaranteed enough circulating water (temperature at 5-25 C), clean and no sundries, regular replacement of circulating water, and the best use of deionized water; finally, unregularly wiping the focusing lens to keep the cleanliness of the focusing lens.

ZISHUO (ZS) LASER Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated optical enterprise specializing in the R&D as well as production of lasers. The main products include CO2 laser tube, focus lens and accessories for laser application. By the steady high quality and low cost our products were widely used on the non-metal materials’ cutting, engraving and marking.

Head quarter of the company lies in Gaoyi technical zone in Hebei Provience. We have a 8,000m2 plant R&D and production. With a skilled expert and engineer team we also built a long term cooperation with the Hebei Institute Of Laser(HIL) , who are professional in optics, mechanics, structure design, and software etc. ZS laser possesses lots of patents in China and abroad, which focuses on the long-term development in lasers. 

The main products of our laser tube range between 30W~180W, with a better spot mode, longer chemical life, smaller size, higher output power and stable. We also can design and produce the customized laser tube according to different clients’ request on certain technical data.

The focus lens and reflecting mirror we produced contains the basic material like Si,Mo,ZnSe and Ge etc. Especially our Si-reflecting mirror/scan lens obtained a very good reputation around the world.

ZS laser is R&D oriented and masters the key technologies of laser. We are a comprehensive laser sources manufacture company with the largest scale in China. Based on the full understanding on the CO2 laser market and user, we could make a full chain supply with laser machine and accessaries, as well as the best laser industry solutions.

ZS laser is your reliable partner for long term mutual beneficial cooperation. “Make the best China laser tube” is our objective of struggle!

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