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For laser cutting machine

For laser cutting machine

For laser cutting machine in daily use, it will inevitably produce a certain amount of dust. And how do we deal with these dusts? Taking Lei Yu laser cutting machine as an example, here are two ways to deal with dust.

1. Dry treatment (dry cut)

It is to add a set of smoke and dust capture device for the cutting platform, and transport the collected dust directly to the dust filter and purify equipment. The smoke generated by cutting is basically formed under the incision of the workpiece, so the suction negative pressure cutting platform has become the most common device for dust collection. In order to save the equipment investment and improve the pumping efficiency, that is to achieve higher smoke collection by the smaller air suction volume only for the area in the cutting process, the cutting platform will be divided into (uniform) closed cell area along the main guide guide direction of the cutting machine, and there is an outlet on the side. The working forms of the suction port include the side suction movable suction inlet and the suction side of the suction chamber. Among them, the former is widely used for its simple structure, reliable operation and good dust removal effect.

2. Wet treatment (wet cutting)

In fact, it is to make a water bed cutting platform, put the workpiece in the water or water, and then complete the cutting work under water or close to the surface of the water to capture the smoke and dust produced during the cutting process, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the environment.

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